Air Buster

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Air Buster
Developer: Kaneko
Publisher: Kaneko
Platform: Sega Genesis System



Air Buster Team

Here was another oldie that just happened to slip by me in the early Genesis years. Yet another shooter for our Genesis library, this was a welcome addition. With what little time I’ve had to play it, it’s not bad at all! Good levels, fun gameplay, 2 player simultaneous play, several different weapons and enough to shoot at and keep ya busy.
 There is also a Turbografx counterpart to this game, Aeroblasters, which I have seen around but also have not played. Once I do, I shall be able to compare and contrast the two versions to see which is the best to play. Therefore, a full review on Air Buster (or Aeroblasters) shall be posted in the coming months ahead. Check back for the latest updates!


Air Buster U.S. Cover Box
(Sega Genesis)


Aero Blasters Japanese Cover Box
(Sega Mega Drive)

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